Jessica + John's Science Themed Wedding Day

Jessica and John met as many modern couples do, on the internet. With a 98% match, these two hit it off and have been enjoying each others company ever since. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day one year, the couple had agreed not to exchange gift as they had just brought home a “sausage dog puppy” in the weeks before. As Jessica laid down for a nap that day, John snuck out of the house to purchase all the roses he could from the florist down the street. When Jessica awoke she was led by the roses to the puppy who had a ring around his collar. John then snuck up behind her to propose!

This quirky couple had a simple yet stunning wedding day with lots of unique touches. Opting for a science theme, the pair decorated their day with a Periodic Table seating chart made by the groom while conical flasks, beakers, and test tubes were used instead of vases. Although they went for a simple decor, their venue was enough to add an element of ‘wow’ to their day.

This wedding is truly one of a kind and provides the perfect inspiration for any couple looking to put their own unique twist on their special day.

The Beginning

Just like any other modern couple, “we met online in 2013, after being given a 98% match, and had our first date at Gogo Bar in Melbourne.”

The Proposal

“We had just brought home a sausage dog puppy in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and had both agreed not to get each other any gifts. Looking after Longfellow (the puppy) was challenging work, and when John offered to entertain him for the afternoon so that I could have a nap, I was thrilled! A few hours later I opened the bedroom door to see roses leading downstairs. Thinking John had broken our no-valentines gift agreement, I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten him anything! I followed the trail of roses all the way downstairs to Longfellow’s playpen, and when he looked up at me I saw the ring around his collar. John snuck up behind me and got down on one knee to pop the question. I found out later that to make sure I wasn’t awoken by the noisy front door closing, John instead exited out the back and had to clamber over the fence to buy all of the roses left at our local florist!”

The Dress

“Growing up, I never fantasised about what my perfect wedding might look like.  I went in with no expectations, other than wanting a flattering gown that was comfortable.  I found my dress in the first shop I looked but didn’t buy on the day, instead deciding to sleep on it to make sure.  That night I had dreams about our wedding in the dress, and knew it must be the one!”

A Bit Of Advice

“Communicate frequently, take time for your own interests. I work shift work, which gives us a chance to miss each other, and we find we make the most of the evenings that we do have off together.”

The Wedding Theme

“Quirky, unique, and science-themed. We wanted to have some fun with the theme, but we didn’t want too much stress so we kept it quite simple.”

DIY décor

“John has a talent for design, he turned a giant periodic table into a seating chart for the reception.  While we spent money on the bouquets and buttonholes, we did our own table designs.  I sourced all sorts of conical flasks, beakers and test tubes to use instead of vases, and bought flowers matching our pink and white theme from the market a few days before the wedding.  It was so much fun to put them together with my bridesmaids the morning before the big day!  I also put together the bonbonnieres using test tubes filled with jelly beans, and these doubled as the seating place cards.”

Special Moments

“My favourite moment was when John stole me away into another section of the reception to have a moment together away from everyone else.  It was so nice to have some time to reflect on the day.  Another memorable moment that still gets spoken about was when a friend faceplanted in her high heels while racing against the Cathy Freeman exhibition in the Scienceworks sports activity area.”

Looking Back

“As naturally clumsy people, we spent weeks perfecting our first dance.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to double check with our DJ that they had the correct song queued up.  A cover version of the song was played, that had a lot less introduction time and a different beat.  While we can look back now on it and laugh, we were embarrassed at the time!”

Bride Tips

“Don’t feel obliged to take on everyone’s opinion – there will be a lot of advice about what you ‘should’ do, but it’s you and your partner’s day!”

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