Lisa-Anne & Christopher

Black Tie Romance: Chris + Lisa-Anne's June Wedding At Kilshane House

A June date is the stuff of wedding dreams, and Kilshane House was the most spectacular setting for this couple’s humanist ceremony. Mixing period elements with modern romance, the utter prettiness of Lisa-Anne and Christopher’s style just blew us away – especially the bride’s wedding dress!

With flouncing frills and delicate embellished detailing, the backless gown was a show-stopper of the highest order. Perfectly fitting to the season, plump peonies and a colour palette of soft pink added an air of whimsy to their classical black tie affair.

Lisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & Christopher

Chris and Lisa-Anne’s guests were at the heart of each decision throughout their planning journey. Their enjoyment and relaxation was a main priority on the pair’s wishlist, and judging by these natural shots, a fabulous time was had by all. Captured by Derek of Memento Photography, the elegance of Kilshane House and the magical atmosphere of the property’s conservatory comes to life beautifully.

The bride and groom kindly revealed their most treasured moments and the fantastic suppliers who completed their wedding day. We know you’re going to love this Real Wedding just as much as we do here at WeddingDates HQ!

Lisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & Christopher

The Proposal

“In the years leading up to our tenth anniversary, I was on guard, ready for a proposal! Every time we took a trip or did anything out of the norm, in my head I thought the situation was perfect for a proposal. But it never happened. Chris arranged at the end of our tenth year together, to head away to Iceland for a holiday. In the lead up to it, he gave me weekly clues to solve. The puzzles indicated items that we needed for the trip with the last clue giving away the location. This last clue was ‘Walking Mountain, Boulder Father, Ground Scorer’ which turned out to be a glacier. We spent the weekend in Iceland, where numerous perfect moments for a proposal passed by. At the moment of giving up hope, Chris proposed in the evening hours at the foot of a lit-up Viking sculpture by the shore, catching me by complete surprise. He presented a gorgeous ring that he designed and had hand-made.”

Lisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & Christopher

The Venue

“When we started looking for a venue, our priority was the experience of our guests. We believed that if our guests relaxed and let loose, it would lead to the most enjoyable experience for everyone, including us. Kilshane House offered exactly what we were looking for, which was an exclusive period house with a beautiful place to have a humanist ceremony. The venue also had accommodation for all our guests to stay on the premises. Another aspect that drew us to Kilshane House, was the stunning grounds it stood on. From the second we passed through the gates, the atmosphere and feelings we got from the experience matched what we were looking for, peaceful luxury with character. It was love at first sight”

“The most impressive aspect of our experience was the friendly and flawless staff that looked after us, and our guests on the day. They really made us all feel welcome and helped everyone to enjoy their time.”

Kilshane HouseLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & Christopher

The Photographer

“Derek of Memento Photography fitted the brief perfectly. We were looking for a ‘fly on the wall’ style photographer. Someone who would capture the moments as they happened rather than assembling or forcing them. We felt that getting ‘the wedding photos’ can be quite dry at times. Derek also had a great way of fitting in with people and he captured fantastic off the cuff shots. As a bonus, Derek gave great advice throughout our time with him. One example of this is when we met him the week before the wedding. He advised us to bring a second shirt for Chris because women often leave make-up marks after hugging, the little things that we didn’t think of. Apart from Derek being the photographer, he also played the ‘time-keeper’, making sure that I was in my dress on time and keeping in mind our brief of spending as much time with our guests as possible. Derek got everything we hoped for. He also had a fantastic method of taking the family photos. I would say that it only took ten minutes to do the two families and the photos look great. They definitely don’t look like it took only ten minutes. For us, this was important because we could spend more time with our friends and family.”

Lisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & ChristopherLisa-Anne & Christopher

Kilshane HouseKilshane HouseKilshane House

Special Moments

“For us,  our most special moment was at the beginning of the ceremony. I was walking by the fountain with my Dad with ‘At Last’ being played by our quartet and then we finally saw each other. Over the next few minutes, it felt that we were finally complete. Also, lots of funny stories were revealed during the speeches. Chris’s dad exposed the fact that I am not a sci-fi fan, which was audibly noticed by his uncles. Chris also unveiled our secret meetings to my parents – every morning before school, we would meet for a few minutes. It took days for my mum to let it go!”

Kilshane HouseKilshane HouseKilshane HouseKilshane House

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