Supplier Spotlight: Livia Figueiredo Wedding Photography

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil; Livia moved to Ireland on a whim looking for adventure and a fresh start. Well, it was love at first sight and Livia has called our Emerald Isle home ever since.

Livia’s passion for people, photography and weddings is clearly reflected in each moment she captures through her trusty camera. There’s no doubt that she loves what she does and has a great time while she does it.

So, please let us introduce Livia Figueiredo and her outstanding


The Beginning

“I started photography by accident and stayed because I can’t see myself doing anything else. Well, to be fair at 15 I was dead sure I was going to be a guitar player in a famous band but my music teacher at the time said “sorry, but no way!”’

The Passion

“I see wedding photography with the eyes of someone that loves everything related to weddings, hence my addiction to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ as anyone who follows me on Instagram already knows, and that loves capturing real moments.”

The Style

“No disrespect to the photographers that take pictures at sunsets staring into nothing while you dip the bride on her back but my whole thing is to see beauty in the real moments and I don’t usually have my partner dipping me on my back while I try not to fall, that’s just not what to me real couples look like.”

“Real couples laugh, look at each other’s eyes lovingly and walk together in life while sometimes making a funny face and that’s what I hope you can see on my work: real love and connection with the fun added to it. I like to believe that when documenting someone’s wedding I can find creative and beautiful ways that translate the couple’s personality, and that’s why to me I have such a dream job.

The Reward

“I get to meet awesome people that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to meet. I get to see them in their best self in a decisive moment in their lives. That’s such a gift and I couldn’t be more fulfilled, after all most of my childhood rock heroes look pretty bad right now and I’m not half bad!”
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