CLOSED Love Letters: Wedding Dates Newsletter Launching!

Here at the Head Office (also known as the local pub – the “real” office is merely a satellite) we’ve been planning our new monthly newsletter for ages. The one thing we couldn’t come up with is a name, so we foolishly turned to the Internet and asked our online Twitter friends for suggestions.

Here’s just a few of the ideas they came up with:

  • Bride to Ride
  • Getting Half a Guys Stuff: Part 1
  • Veiled Threats
  • Bridezilla Monthly
  • The Prenup Starts Here

Yes, our friends are hilarious.

In preference to “E-veil” and the like as a title, we’ve gone with the slightly less cynical moniker of “Love Letters” since, well, it’s a letter we write to subscribers every month, it’s about weddings, and weddings are about love. (Yes, they can also be about stress, money, rows and exhaustion, but Complete And Total Panic Monthly didn’t really have the right ring.)

To celebrate the launch of our newsletter, we’re delighted to be partnering with online retailer Curious Wines to offer an exclusive discount on wedding wines, available only to newsletter subscribers. These guys are truly passionate about wine and really know their stuff, so if you want something for your wedding that’s more personal than the standard hotel offerings, take advantage of their free Wedding Concierge Service and let them help you pick out personal wine selections matched to your menu and your budget.

They’ll deliver for free, and even pick up the unopened cases and refund you for what you didn’t use!

We’re also kicking off the newsletter with a cool contest with a fantastic romantic weekend getaway prize, so if you want to get your free swag on, be sure to sign up for Love Letters over on the sidebar.

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