Aileen & John

Rich Burgundy: Aileen & John's Sparkly Winter Wedding

A winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without a sprinkle of sparkle! Aileen and John’s special day was full of magic and elegance…

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & John

Aileen and John finally became husband and wife on December 11th 2015 after falling for each other during their final year of college back in 2007. Their colour scheme of dark, moody burgundies mirrored the depths of winter and their woodland photo shoot location perfectly. Beautiful glimmers of light and a wedding day full of sparkle added a touch of classical vintage.

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & John

John proposed during a romantic walk in Portally Cove in Dunmore East. “We had our hurls and had a little puck around and then walked up along the cliffs. John walked over to the cliffs edge and we sat down and looked out at the gorgeous view! The sun was really bright off the sea and it was so clam. I actually said to John it was so romantic and he asked what would make it better? I didn’t have a clue what was going on and never suspected a thing so I said chocolate!! (I’m a total chocoholic!!) So he said would this help and pulled out a beautiful solitaire ring….it was just perfect! After we had calmed down and caught our breath, he told me we were booked into Monart for the night. So he whisked me off there for dinner, champagne and massages in the morning.”

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & John

“The bridesmaid dresses had a lot of embellishment. My dress also had detailing on the bodice which filtered down through the skirt. I absolutely loved it!! I tried on a similar dress in Eden Manor but wanted to make changes to it I designed the bodice, the one shoulder and back of the dress with Hilda, which the designer then custom-made.”

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & John

“Seeing John at the top of the aisle was my favourite part of the day…I was so excited for it and he looked so handsome. We talked nearly through the whole mass! I was mad to know all about their morning of fun and getting ready!!”

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & John

“I can honestly say, Trish of Insight Photography is one of the nicest people I have ever met!! She’s one of those people everyone loves to be around and wants to be friends with!! And as for her photographs, they are just amazing….I can’t recommend her highly enough. When we got engaged it was difficult to pick all the suppliers but the photographer was one of the easiest. As soon as we met Trish and saw her pictures the decision was made. We are not the type of people who like to pose in front of the camera but Trish makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Her pictures are natural and capture the special moments during the day. The photo slideshow before the first dance was beautiful and all the guests loved it!”

Aileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnAileen & JohnLyrath Estate Hotel

A huge thank you to Aileen and John for sharing their stunning day with us and to Trish of Insight Photography for allowing us the pleasure of publishing these beautiful images. You can see more of her work at

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