Moodboard: Ethereal Bride

Moodboard: Ethereal Bride

Moodboard: Ethereal Bride

With the summer months drawing to a close, we are grabbing on to every last bit of sunshine we can handle. From our headdress phase to sourcing our cocktail ingredients from nature, we’ve had quite a fill of summer time trends. But our favourite all time trend has to be the Ethereal Bride. Not every bride may be brave to pull off this look, but for those who are, here are some gorgeous ethereal bridal ideas.


Sun kissed freckles showing through au-naturel foundation is the key to this look. Luminous glowing, skin-wearing make-up doesn’t mean you have to go bare faced. Focusing on concealing any imperfections with a good concealer is key. If you’re after a full face of make-up, ask your MUA to incorporate this look into your skin with a shimmering highlighter across your cheekbones.

The blushing bride cliché is perfect for this look. Peachy or pink tones on the apples of your cheeks is key here. Applying a touch of bronzer to where you may normally be kissed by the sun (cheekbones, bridge of the nose) will contour your face and give that ethereal outdoor look.


A messy plait or up-do is the way to go here. Ever since we saw Bella walk down the aisle in Breaking Dawn, we’ve been obsessed with this shabby chic look. One fun style is of course the fishtail. Perfect for long hair, this plait can be incorporated into a full up hairstyle of half up do. If you’re looking for inspiration, we love this bridal hairstyle article by Lauren Conrad.


This look can be either full on fairy or just a touch of magic, depending on how deep you want to get into this look. If you’re lucky enough to have natural curly locks with a button nose and small features, the chances are that you won’t need to go so full on. Long gypsy dresses are a good place to start with this look, keeping it casual with sandals or even bare feet if you dare!

Aileen Swansen

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