Chris & Kris

Chris & Krissy: A Wild Irish Adventure Filled With Romance

This wedding ceremony is possibly the most magical we have ever seen! The grand finale is just spectacular…

Newtown Castle

Chris and Krissy exchanged vows in a fairytale setting at Newtown Castle on May 25th 2015. Their story is one of true romance, travel and friendship – it really struck a chord with us here in the office! We love how they embraced the beautiful surroundings of Co Clare for their special day and kept things elegantly simple. Their glistening eyes, charming smiles and strong bond popped in every shot captured by Mrs Redhead Photography.

Chris & KrisChris & KrisChris & Kris

After meeting 11 years ago in their hometown outside Boston, their fun and wild ride began. Just shy of a year of dating, Chris accepted a job as a federal agent, and so a long-distance relationship began.

“We spent the next three years flying back and forth between multiple cities to keep our relationship going! Finally I finished school to become a teacher and decided to move with my man! So far on our journey, we have lived in five U.S cities together, traveled to almost all 50 states and have visited 15 countries together. Throughout all of our experiences together we have become the best of friends.”

Chris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & Kris

In true Chris and Krissy style, the proposal before the actual proposal, took place during a road trip to New Mexico to see Mumford & Sons in concert.

“On the 6 hour road trip we began talking about our upcoming trip to Ireland and how cool it would be to get married over there, we let our imaginations run wild, and began discussing logistics, even though all the while we weren’t even engaged! When we returned from our trip, we began seriously looking into getting legally hitched in Ireland, just the two of us. But we discovered that we had missed the cut off to apply with the registrar’s office by just a few days.”

Convinced that Chris would pop the question during their trip to the Emerald Isle, Krissy bought a bunch of new outfits. But, she was in for a surprise when he asked for her hand in marriage while on a sunset walk in her favourite area of D.C. He had a magical night planned and even a pool party to celebrate with friends the following day!

Chris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & Kris

“As a couple from the U.S. getting married in Ireland was unbelievable! It was like a fairytale. The venue itself, Newtown Castle was so breathtakingly beautiful, I look at our wedding pictures and still can’t believe that it was my wedding. The castle is nestled in beautiful trees and greenery. There is a stone wall, and tree lined road leading up to the castle, where we took the most gorgeous wedding pictures, with the castle in the backdrop. Once inside the castle, there is a small cozy room with a massive fireplace and wooden mantel, where we got married in front off.”

“We were able to comfortably fit about 20 of our family members, making it very intimate. And the best part, is the open observation deck overlooking where the ceremony is held, where we were able to have the rest of our guests stand and circle around us during the ceremony. We gave each guest bubbles, so they could blow down on us after the ceremony!”

“It was so special! For many years, Chris and I have really had to rely solely on each other for support. After spending years together, and looking back at what we have been through together and how much our experiences and our travels have shaped our relationship, it made it clear that we were a solid team and marriage would be fun for us!”

Chris & KrisChris & KrisChris & Kris

“We truly loved so many things about Olga from Mrs Redhead Photography – we couldn’t pick just one favourite thing. I would have to say overall, her patience with us and the guests. She was so versatile, flexible and easy to work with, she just rolled with whatever we asked of her. She is also so talented and we love her unique perspective. We felt fully confident that she would get pictures for us, that other wedding photographers may not think off. She was just awesome! All of our guests loved her too!”

“We also got some good pictures inside and outside our favorite pub! Once inside we had many folks coming up to us and asking to take our picture and wanting to know wedding details. It was so much fun, and I felt like we were celebrities for a few minutes!”

Chris & KrisChris & KrisChris & KrisChris & Kris

A huge thank you to Chris and Krissy for sharing their story with us and to Olga from Mrs Redhead Photography for allowing us the pleasure of sharing these absolutely stunning images. See more of her work at

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