One For The Boys: Moisturisers for Men

One For The Boys: Moisturisers for Men

One For The Boys: Moisturisers for Men

Winter is coming and that usually means one thing… time to wrap up! The elements of weather, central heating, and shaving are all elements that can take a toll on your skin during winter time. Plus, a quality moisturiser can help to minimise premature aging of the skin by hydrating it.

Although every man is different, (some men in the office laughed when asked to recommend a good moisturiser), we all need to give our skin a little TLC from time to time.

If you’re planning on proposing or getting married any time soon, it’s important to look your absolute best for that special someone!

So, with that in mind, here are our top moisturisers for men!

Clinique M Lotion (€31, Boots)

This light formula is a classic for men who hate that sticky feeling that can come with a lotion. This lotion is just perfect for guys who suffer from oily skin and breakouts! Plus, there’s no odor and it’s oil-free. Well worth the investment.

Nivea for Men Energy Moisturiser Instant Effect (€8.66, Boots)

Perfect for the man who works late nights and likes to burn the candle at both ends, this moisturiser is a little pick-me-up for your skin. And at under a tenner, it’s cheap as buttons to try out!

Ultimate Moisture by Neutrogena (€10.69, Boots)

Is your skin dry and run down? This intense, long lasting moisturiser is just the job! Perfect for a guy who does plenty of outdoor work, this moisturiser helps repair and soothe chapped skin.

Image from: Men’s Fitness

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