Why Opt For A Midweek Wedding?

Who said you HAD to marry on a weekend?!

There are so many benefits to getting hitched during the week! From cutting costs to having your day your way, you simply can’t go wrong. Take a good look at these 8 benefits of booking a midweek wedding before you end up breaking your budget on the last weekend date left in Summer.

Save Money on Your Venue

Your wedding venue will probably end up being one of the biggest costs, but choosing a midweek day can lower the price. Venues have a high demand for weekend dates, so of course, they’re able to hike up their prices. However, if you book on a Wednesday or Thursday you’ll be booking the same exact venue at much lower cost due to the lower demand. You could end up saving BIG! If your heart is set on a particular venue, but their weekend prices are leaving you worried about your budget, seriously consider opting for a midweek day instead.

Save Guests on Hotel Booking

Just like wedding dates, hotel bookings are much higher on the weekends. Not only will you be saving on your wedding by booking midweek, but your guests will also save on accommodation prices. Midweek transportation and flight bookings also tend to be lower during weekdays cutting costs for guests even further.

Greater Venue Availability

High demand strikes again. You probably already know that weekend dates fill up fast! So, not only will prices be higher, but there will be more competition when booking that dream venue on the exact date you desire.

Greater Intimacy

A midweek wedding is a perfect option if you’re thinking of planning a smaller gathering. Family and close friends will be happier to take a few days off work to help you celebrate. Plus, if you book on a Thursday they’ll be able to enjoy a long weekend and really join in on the festivities.

Ease of Booking Suppliers

Your photographer, hair stylist, or make-up artist will also have a higher demand for the weekends. Some of your suppliers may offer lower fees for midweek days, saving you extra in the long run. They will also be able to give your special day more attention as they may be stretched between multiple wedding over the weekends.

Extend the Celebration

Just because you plan a midweek wedding doesn’t mean the party can’t continue into the weekend! Spend some extra time with your loved ones with a BBQ or day after party over the following days. After all, some of your guests may have travelled to witness your nuptials, some extra quality time with them would be a great use of those weekend days.

Wed on a Sentimental Date

If your heart is set on saying your “I Do’s” on a special date or anniversary then go ahead an book that midweek date. Not only will you be saving money, but your wedding day will have an even greater meaning you and your spouse.

Extra Touches

Now that you’ve cut costs here and there, you’ll be able to splurge on some additional elements to really personalise and add that ‘wow’ factor to your perfect wedding day.




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