Top Priorities for Planning A Whirlwind Wedding

In a rush to the tie the knot?

Of course, planning a wedding in a short time frame comes with several pros and cons. The average couple’s engagement length is about 12-18 months, lending just enough time to plan the big day, but a longer engagement isn’t for everyone. A short engagement means less time waiting around for the big day to arrive, but means packing the planning and stress that comes with it into a very short amount of time.

No, you’re not crazy… yes, you can do it! Once you have these top priorities for planning a whirlwind wedding nailed down, you can start checking the smaller details off your list. Before you know it you’ll be saying your I do’s!


Nail down your budget as soon as possible! Once you have your budget settled, you’ll have to start making decisions. Your budget will guide your spending as you look at venues, suppliers, and the other details of the day.

Wedding Style/Theme

Set a wedding style or theme and stick to it. You’ll have to make decisions quickly, so keep in mind what look you’re envisioning for your special day to help you stay on track.


You’ll be able to officially set your date when you book your venue. Check more off your list by booking your ceremony and reception at the same location to save some precious planning time. Look for venues that offer all-inclusive packages or that offer late availability packages to get an even better deal and stay within your budget. A few other decisions might also come along with booking your venue. For example, if catering isn’t included you’ll need to take care of that as well or you may need to think about booking rooms for yourself or a block for special guests and the bridal party.

Now send out those save the dates! Becuase the wedding may be short notice to some, you’ll want to let your loved ones know when and where as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly and you can celebrate this new chapter with as many friends and family as possible.


Good photographers are snatched up quickly! Once you have your date, time, and venue sorted be sure to book your photographer as soon as possible.


Don’t put off dress shopping. Even six months out is cutting it close! Most bridal salons need at least six months to create, fit, and custom make your dress. Some shops may even need a couple more months, so there may be an added fee for a rush delivery. You will also have to put down a deposit and sign a contract when you purchase from a bridal shop, so keep that in mind if you are in a hurry to find the perfect dress and take it home asap. If you’re okay with going a less traditional route, try looking for something off the rack or from a sample sale. You can still look fab and display your own bridal style.


Once you have the date time, and venue set in stone you’ll need to start planning the details. So make a list of what vendors you’ll be needing for the day. Book you officiant, entertainment, florist, and anything else you don’t plan on making yourself.





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