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Planning that Perfect Bridal Party

bridal party

In the preparations for a bride’s big day it has become popular now to throw a bridal shower. This is a party – usually planned by the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour – where the bride is given gifts and spends time with friends and family before the wedding day.

Planning the shower

The bridal party can be as big or small as required.  Maybe the bride would like to keep it to close friends or family, or it can be opened up to invite all and sundry.  The guest list should really be up to the bride, although the organiser will be the one doing the actual invitations.  The larger the shower the more likely it is that some help will be required.  Gather together a few people who do not mind splitting the work and divide the load to make it easier.  If the shower is to be a surprise then enlist the help of someone close to the bride to pick a convenient date and work out a guest list.

Invitations should be sent out a few weeks in advance.  It is a good idea to include all relevant information from a dress code to gift information.  While not everyone will want advice on gifts, it can be useful to point others in the right direction if they are unsure what to get.

The chosen venue should be big enough to hold all the guests and seat everyone comfortably.  If hiring a venue it is important to talk to the events manager about tables and chairs and to discuss with him or her the planned layout for the room on the day.  If the event is to be held in somebody’s home then think about tables and chairs.  There may not be enough room for a number of tables but a large glass dining table can be used to set out a buffet.  If the weather is right the shower can be held in the garden so good use can be made of patio furniture.  Enlist a few guests to bring along additional chairs and patio tables if there are not enough to seat everyone.

Bridal shower themes

Giving the shower a theme is a good idea as it can make the day a lot more fun.  Think carefully about the bride and what her interests are and use that as inspiration.  It could be that she likes to travel, so an ‘international’ theme could work well, with maps as decorations and invitations that look like travel tickets.  The menu for the shower could feature dishes from some of the countries that she has visited.

A bride who has an interest in all things old-fashioned may love a party with a vintage theme. Extras such as vintage linen or old-fashioned tea sets could be used to create an air of the 1930s or 1940s and guests could dress in period clothes.

Alternatively it could be that the bride is sporty and the bridal shower could take place around a mini tennis tournament or golf day.  Whatever theme is chosen it should be special to the bride as this will help to make it all the more memorable.

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