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We love hearing proposal stories here at Wedding dates! It’s one of the most romantic and exciting stories you’ll get to share with your friends and family. The beginning of a life long romance is always filled with genuine excitement for the road ahead. We know it sounds cheesy but really we don’t care!

This week we’re heading off to Galway for our proposal locations. Ireland has so many small locations that are romantic and ideal for wedding proposals but often get overlooked by us as Irish people. We have so many fantastic tourist spots that normally get passed over for the sun holiday locations or the big city locations- but we have all the goods right here! Personally, I’m making it my mission to visit more homeland locations (flash back to my third class trip to Crag Cave) this year!

So in light of this we’re going to look at some hot spots in the beautiful Gaillimh!

Aran Islands

Located just off Galway Bay, the Aran Islands are a great secluded spot for a romantic bike ride for just the two of you!

Galway Races

The Galway Races have a fantastic sense of history and tradition behind them. Great for big gestures and if you want your lady to be on tv that night!

The International Oyster Festival

Great for foodies and  those looking for an aphrodisiac, The Oyster Festival has everything you need. Check out the website for other fun things to do while you’re there!


Galway is filled with quirky cafés and restaurants if you just want to keep it all low key and casual. Kai is just one little hot spot we found in our researches, but we’ll definitely be making a WeddingDates excursion at some stage to all these fun hangouts!

{Image from National Geographic}

Galway girls! Is there anywhere else you can recommend for our next trip to Galway?

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