Must Ask Questions For Your Makeup Artist

So, you want to book a makeup artist?

With all the madness and butterflies the day of your wedding it might be nice to let someone else help you get ready for your walk down the aisle. Booking a makeup artist is a popular choice for many brides on the big day, but before you decide who will be getting you photo ready there are some important questions to ask.

Are they available on your date?

Of course, you want to know if your makeup artist is even available on your wedding day! Probably a no-brainer, but with everything else going on in your wedding planning brain, just don’t forget to make she they are available on your day and what times of the day.

What is your rate and what is included?

Be sure to double check pricing. They may have advertised certain rates on a website, but it’s always a good idea to confirm what you’ll be paying. Not only that, you should also confirm what exactly you’re paying for. Will you have to pay extra for this or that? For example, as a bridesmaid I opted to have my makeup done on the day, for a hefty price, then the artist wanted to charge me extra for false eyelashes. For the price, I was paying I honestly couldn’t believe I was going to be charged extra for this pair of lashes. I totally understand I was also paying for her time, but just be sure to check these types of things out before you end up with any surprises on the day.

Are you available for post-ceremony touchups?

Do we have any cryers out there? If you think you may end up ruining your makeup at any point in the day, you may want to see if your makeup artist can stay after the ceremony to get you reception ready. This would be another place to ask about additional costs.

Can you travel to my venue?

Don’t forget to confirm whether or not your makeup artist will be able to travel to where you’re getting ready for the big day or if you will need to head to a salon before heading to the ceremony venue.

Can we do a trial run?

Trial runs are important!!! You don’t want to be disappointed with your wedding makeup. This is a good opportunity to try out different looks and take some photos.

Do you have a portfolio?

Before you decide who you want for your special day, you should take a look at some of their previous work. See how they photograph and if you think it will fit your wedding style.

What kind of products do you use?

Everyone has their own preferences and finding out whats in your artist’s kit can be crucial to your final decision. Does she use products that irritate your skins? Do you prefer brands that are strictly free of preservatives or cruelty-free? Don’t be afraid to ask to see what they’ll be putting on your face.

Will you be available to do the bridesmaids and/or mothers makeup too?

Although you’re the star of the show, you have some very special ladies wanting to look their best too. Be sure to ask if your makeup artist will be able to accommodate them as well and how much will this cost. You’ll also have to decide whether you will be paying for this or give you bridesmaids the option to have their makeup done and how much it will cost them if they decide to have it done. This will also include some scheduling on the day so have a timeline in place if the whole bridesquad is getting wedding day ready.

Can I see a copy of your standard contract?

If you forget to ask anything there’s a chance the contract will cover it. Just like any other supplier, it’s a good idea to take a peek at the contract before you come to any final decisions.




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