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8 Quirky Engagement Ring Ideas For The Alternative Couple

An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of your love. For many people, it will be the single most precious piece of jewellery they will ever own.

This can put immense pressure on the person choosing. What if they get it wrong and their partner is lumbered with a ring they don’t like for the rest of their married lives? For a bit of perspective, choosing the perfect engagement ring isn’t nearly as nerve-wracking as actually popping the question and embarking on a lifelong adventure together.

With some careful consideration, whatever your couple style and budget, the perfect engagement ring is out there for you. Here are eight quirky engagement ring ideas for the alternative couple.

Placeholder Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is an exciting prospect, one that you might want your other half to be apart of. Placeholder rings are the smaller, inexpensive promise of the perfect ring to come. Look for Cubic Zirconia, or a slimmer, stackable-style ring to propose with. This will give your fiancée the chance to get a good ring selfie, before the ‘proper’ ring comes along later.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

If you have something specific in mind, find a jewellery designer that can make your engagement ring dreams come true. Whether you want a replica of your favourite celebrity’s rock or your pick of coloured gems, you can find a one-of-a-kind dazzler to suit your budget. Many websites also offer customisable ring design tools, giving you a 360 degree view of your masterpiece, as you create it.

Birthstone Engagement Rings

For a more personalised touch, honour your partner’s birth month with a ring that features their precious birthstone. This idea works well for placeholder rings, however, be cautious of the stone’s hardness on the Moh’s Scale. Some precious stones may be fragile and unsuitable for everyday wear.

Couple’s Engagement Tattoos

Unconventional duos may want to skip the ring altogether and opt for couple tattoos instead. You can opt for a small design on the left ring finger, or a personalised tattoo somewhere else.

Antique Rings

Nothing beats the satisfaction of finding a unique vintage treasure from a bygone era. Whether you’re an admirer of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco style jewellery, every antique engagement ring tells a story. One that your partnership can continue with, for generations to come.

Ethically-Sourced Engagement Rings

For the socially-conscious bride or groom-to-be, ethically sourced jewellery is a must. Ideally, you would look for jewellers that are clued-into the human rights and environmental concerns surrounding the industry. These companies freely offer their customers information on their sources and ethical safeguards. Antique engagement rings that predate political and ethical conflicts may also be a good option for you.

Raw Stone Engagement Rings

If you’re a fan of the boho look, raw stone arrangements have a lot of charm and uniqueness, as no two set stones will look the same. These handmade designs, inspired by mother nature, can be customised to suit your preferences in terms of stones, band-styles and metals.

A Family Heirloom

Proposing with a family heirloom ring isn’t uncommon, and it is a very special and symbolic gesture. It shows that you’re welcoming your partner into your family, by passing on a gift that carries a lot of sentimental value. If that’s not an adventurous gesture of engagement, I don’t know what is.

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, take your time to choose a unique design that speaks to you as a couple. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice’.

Image Credits: 1) Brooke Cable Designs; 2) Ben White Photography; 3)  Ann Edgar; 4) Matheus Ferrero; 5) Gabrielle Orcutt; 6) Sweet Ice Cream Photography.

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