quirky movie wedding theme

Quirky Wedding Theme- Movies

quirky movie wedding theme

The best thing about quirky wedding themes is that they can convey a couple’s common interest without having to spell it out. Maybe the theme is something that brought you together or even something you both enjoy together but a great wedding theme will say it best without saying anything at all (thanks for the wise words Ronan).

This quirky wedding theme is probably off the back off last week’s Great Gatsby one but a common interest can often be as simple as having a love of cinema. So this week’s quirky wedding theme is for all the movie buffs out there!

Incorporating this theme into your wedding couldn’t be easier! From ticket stub stationery to soundtrack playlists- there is really no end to how much you can incorporate this theme into your wedding! We’ve also heard of a few venues that have cinema theatres in their hotels in the UK. Please say that’s a trend that will come over to Ireland!

Bonus Round

Maybe don’t take it this far…

quirky movie wedding theme

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