sleepover hen party

Sleepover Hen Party

sleepover hen party

Remember those teenage nights of sleepovers and truth or dare? All nighters with your besties when you’d chat about school boy crushes and eat penny sweets until you felt sick? Well why not re create a sleepover hen party like this for you and your closest friends? Movie nights can be fun for everyone so they’re a good way to invite the in laws and family members along too.

Sleepover hen party

Things to do on your movie night

  • Cupcake decorating! Or cake doodling can be a fun activity!
  • No make up make overs. Do your make up without a mirror or better still, have someone blind folded do it!
  • Clothes swapping. Everyone brings 5 items of clothing they’d like to swap with someone else!
  • Who can forget the classic truth or dare to bring back old memories!
  • Toilet paper wedding dress competitions.
  • Vintage style sleepovers with rollers and of course Grease!

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