Stefano Ferrier Weddings: My World of Photography

Have you ever wondered what goes in the mind of a wedding photographer? This week we caught up with Stefano Ferrier to get the inside scoop on what photography means to him and how he perceives the artform. See his thoughts below as well as some breathtaking examples of his work.

Photography as a matter of memory

I want to talk about wedding photography and my personal view on what photography means. I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for eight years and I’ve been studying the history of photography, by now I know that there is still much to learn.

I believe the main reason for photographing weddings is memory. Time is the essence of all photography, the time of things and the time of people, the time of light and the time of emotions… time that will
never be the same again.

Photography as communication

The second reason, second but not least, is communication. Photography must communicate.

I like simplicity, focused on depicting a fleeting moment, a photograph showing simplicity has a clear
reason the subject was chosen and the reason for taking the picture should be clearly evident. There are
specific moments that you wish you could capture the entirety of the beauty of it.

Photojournalism, a portrayal of a fleeting moment

Talking about photojournalism I think, one of the tasks of photography, perhaps even its purpose, is to
give a meaning to all those events that before being photographed could not be seen.

To achieve good results I always stay stand on for long hours, staying on your feet, grinding attributes
never fails to perform a great photojournalism work.

General photography understood as art and mind

Here it is not about capturing what the camera sees, it is about capturing what the photographer sees

The author’s function is not to reflect the reality that already exists. It is alluding to the real
to create a parallel one.

What attracts me is not reality, it is not real life. It’s the world I can create with the
my imagination.

The Portrait

It does not have to be in focus.

The bride can see now how she is in someone else’s eyes.
The image that she has of itself is enriched by a new point of view.

The portrait does not necessarily have the truth; what is represented and how it is represented, with
which colours, in which context and atmosphere is a choice of the Photographer.

If the result leads to emotions, I will have created something good that will continue to please and to
renew that emotion.

If it has been so, then that portrait will remain unforgettable.


Learn more about Stefano Ferrier and send him an enquiry here.

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