Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Dress

For many brides, their wedding dress is their favourite memento. You may only wear it once, but it reflects on of the happiest days of your life. And, so many women hold on to their dress just in case their future daughter may want to use it as part of their wedding. With that in mind, it’s important that your dress gets the right care it deserves. Here’s how to take care of your wedding dress.

Travelling With Your Wedding Dress

If you are having a destination wedding or you have bought your dress while abroad, you may have to take your dress on a flight. Packing your gown into your carry-on luggage is usually the safest way to travel with it and most flight attendants will be more than happy to hang your dress in a storage space for you. You may want to consider travel insurance on your garment if you are unsure or if your gown holds a lot of value. Some airlines won’t allow for any allowances when travelling with a wedding dress – so call ahead of time to find out what you can and can’t do. A great way for getting wrinkles out is to turn on a hot shower and let steam build up in the room. Turn off the shower and let your dress hang in the room – avoiding any water. Or, if you’re unsure – simply have it steamed professionally.

Get it Cleaned

The best way to preserve your bridal look is to have it cleaned professional as soon as possible after your wedding. It’s a long day in your dress so perspiring alone is a strong possibility. There will also be a lot of food, hugging and walking around – a breeding ground for germs and stains. Stains are like a time bomb – the faster you treat them, the easier it will be to have them removed. Some brides also get their dresses steamed just before the day too. Research the best professional cleaners in your area and ask for recommendations from friends before hand. Always remember to check that the quality of the garment hasn’t been diminished after cleaning.

Storing Your Dress Correctly

Storing your dress well is just as important as having it cleaned as soon as possible. Your professional cleaning will have been fruitless if it is not stored well. Poor storage can lead to discolouration, degrading of fabric and mold. Your dress should be stored flat or folded separated with layers of acid-free tissue paper. Hangers will distort the shape of your dress over time so these are best avoided if possible. Storing a dress in plastic or a vacuum sealed bag can cause molding and mildew over time. Try to avoid storing your dress in wood. Acid free paper should avoid this, making sure that air can still circulate. A box made from acid-free material is best – avoiding a window feature in the box as this can cause sunlight to circulate. Many professional cleaners will have suitable storage boxes. Remember to store your dress where temperature or humidity isn’t extreme as well as being out of direct sunlight.

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