Things You Should Know Before You Marry A Redhead

6 Things You Should Know Before You Marry A Redhead

Marriage is risky business. Let’s face it, tying the knot is one of the biggest decisions of your life! And it’s not like you can go back and ask for an exchange after you sign the registry. So it’s pretty important to know all about your future spouse before you walk down the aisle. No need to bother with the pre-wedding course, we have you covered. This is all you need to know before you take the plunge and marry a redhead. You will be sorted for life!

Things You Should Know Before You Marry A Redhead

Redhead Gals Have More Sex

Well, lucky you!! According to a top German researcher who surveyed over 6,000 women, redhead ladies get frisky on average three times a week. While apparently their blondes and brunette counterparts only set aside one-on-one time twice a week. We wonder what the survey results would be for the men…

They Are More Sensitive To Pain

Treat your fiery haired other half with kindness because they are more sensitive to pain! Studies have shown that women with red hair require 19 per cent more anesthesia to be put to sleep when compared to those with dark tresses. Some scientists believe the science mutation that causes fair skin and red hair is behind this. They are also more sensitive to hot and cold pain, with their bodies being able to change temperature much quicker. So what are you waiting for!? Cozy up and be sure to give your partner lots of warm cuddles this winter!

Blue Eyed Redheads Are A Rare Beauty

If you like it then put a ring on it quick! Only two per cent of the world is made up of redheads. And piercing blue eyes and luscious red locks are the most rare combination on earth. Most redheads will have hazel or green eyes. So basically, you have hit the jackpot if you are about to exchange vows with this attractive goddess.

They Don’t Go Grey

Winning! As you grow old together in your marriage, your other half will never go through the dreaded grey phase. They will gradually turn white via a lovely rose gold tone. Totes jealous!!

You Will Never Get Lost

You will sleep better at night in the knowledge that you have your very own beacon of light by your side at all times. No more panicking in the crowds while travelling around foreign countries or at a jam-packed concert. Reducing this stress will add years to your life and reduce unsightly wrinkles. Always an advantage in our eyes.

They Have Their Very Own Festival

Eh, have you not heard of the Irish Redhead Convention? Yes, there is even a dedicated festival to all things redhead related, just imagine all those gorgeous redhead features in one place. And if you’re a single pringle, WeddingDates is sponsoring Ginger Speed Dating. That’s your summer sorted for the next 40+ years. You will never be bored again with this foxy fest!

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