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Things You Need to Do With Your Besties Before Your Wedding

Most of us don’t know where we would be without our besties. These are the people who listen to us moan, laugh with us and are up for chat whenever… They’re your life-line! Although getting married doesn’t mean you’ll never see your friends again, it does mean that there is a shift in macrocosm of your relationships. And, as your relationships mature and develop, it’s important to mark milestones. Here are three things you need to do with your besties before your wedding.

Watch a Cheesy Movie Together

Whether it’s the movie you’ve seen a thousand times, or it’s the one you love to make fun of together – watching a movie is one of those fun experiences that must be done. Make sure there are plenty of treats too!

Have a Gossip With a Bottle of Wine

Every once in a while, just you and your friends at your house with a bottle of wine (or a good cup of tea) can make for a brilliant night! Catching up on the old times, having a little moan or just having a laugh is just what you need during stressful wedding planning.

Going Out For Dinner

Now, don’t you feel all fancy and grown-up? A few years ago, you might have gone straight to the drinking session over at someone’s house. Nowadays, you’re all a little more sophisticated. Besides, you can save the tipsy omissions for the big day!

Pamper Time

The only thing better than treating yourself to a well deserved pamper sesh is to share it with the ones you love the most. Whether it’s getting the nails done or a much needed massage, that feel good is always better when shared with some friends. If a lot of your friends happen to be guys, there’s no reason why they can’t come along. A lot of guys might not be caught dead in salon but there is always something for guy (a hair cut, a professional shave, a manicure).

Outdoor Fun

Whether it’s a glamping session, paintball or a relaxing picnic – the outdoors can be a great bonding place for you and your close friends. Summer is the perfect time to lock down some outdoor fun, but remember to have a good back up plan just in case. Who are we kidding – there’s probably an 99.99% chance it’s always raining somewhere in Ireland. Bring an umbrella!

Weekend Away

Which leads us on to our next topic – a girly weekend away! Maybe you want to catch some last minute rays or there’s a West End play who’ve always sworn you would see together – either way, there is always a good reason to head off on a trip together.

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