7 Tips For Bridal Shopping From Say Yes To The Dress

Hands up who loves Say Yes To The Dress? We are obsessed at WeddingDates HQ!! It’s our ultimate guilty pleasure on a lazy day. Lounge wear, goodies and lusting after dreamy wedding gowns. Bliss!

And we have a treat for you this week because we scooped some fabulous advice from Say Yes To The Dress Canada’s top Consultant Rania Qureshi!! Season two has just wrapped and she has taken the time out of her hectic schedule to give her tips for bridal shopping to all you budding brides-to-be. Happy Shopping!

Rania Qureshi - Tips For Bridal Shopping

Bridal dress shopping can both be very fun and very nerve-wracking for many brides. As a bridal consultant, its our job to make sure the bride is comfortable with us. Once the bride is comfortable enough to open up about the insecurities that she’d like to conceal or reveal the assets she would most like to show off, it makes it much easier for the consultant to find that oh so special dress that she has been dreaming of!  My key points to remember when dress shopping are as follows:

Be Open-Minded

Always go dress shopping with an open mind. It’s always good to look through bridal magazines and get ideas as to what you like and what you don’t like. But be open to trying different silhouettes.  You may think you like one specific style, but it may not be the right fit on you. Always try different shapes and fabrics.

Never Judge On Hanger Appeal

Never judge a dress by the way it looks on the hanger. Ever. You’d be surprised how many times a bride has rejected the ‘Yes’ dress, just because it didn’t have hanger appeal. Trust your bridal consultant if she really insists that you try on the gown.

Rania Qureshi - Say Yes To The Dress Canada

Have A Little Faith

Trust your bridal consultant. They have worked with brides of all different shapes and sizes. So they have an idea what will look good on you and what won’t. Give them that benefit of the doubt and let them work their magic.

Know The Different Shapes Available

Know your wedding silhouettes. Many brides make the mistake of describing a silhouette and  are less than satisfied with what is presented to them. Fit and flare, mermaid, and trumpet silhouettes are only a selection of different styles on offer. Make sure you do a little homework and if you are unsure, you can always ask your sales consultant to demonstrate the many different shapes.

Rania Qureshi - Say Yes To The Dress Canada

Stick To Your Budget

Set a budget of how much you would like to spend on your attire and stay stern on that price when trying on different options. I have seen many brides try on dresses over their budget who were left completely heartbroken after falling in love with the more expensive dress.

Keep Your Entourage To A Minimum

Narrow down your entourage when going dress shopping. We understand you are excited and want as many people involved in your decision, but too many cooks spoil the broth! An array of different opinions mean it will be heard to come to a consensus and please everyone. I always recommend bringing your mother, sister and a best friend. They generally have the brides best interest at heart.

Rania Qureshi - Say Yes To The Dress Canada

Order the dress you fit in now

We believe you when you say you will lose weight but always remember, its always easier to take in the dress with a few alterations than letting it out. I’ve seen brides making this mistake numerous times, and its so heartbreaking because not only does she resent not losing the weight she intended, but also her dress will need a lot of extra work done when altering it to fit.
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