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Tips for Groom’s Attire

Tips For Groom’s Attire

Every bride wants to look and feel their absolute best on their wedding day and behind every beautiful bride should be a perfectly groomed groom! After all, a uncomfortable groom won’t make for great memories or photos!

Nowadays, there are so many different options and cuts for grooms it can be difficult to decide what is right for you. Here are some tips for groom’s attire:

Dress for your body type

You want to look handsome and dashing in your suit, not like you’ve borrowed your dad’s work suit. Shorter men should stick to single – breasted jackets and bigger guys should wear a lower buttoned jacket to give them a long silhouette.


We can’t stress this enough… Make sure it all fits! What makes a man look good in his suit is not just the colour or style but also the tailoring. Alterations are a must for any groom so make sure you get measured for your waist, inseam and jacket size.


Make sure you’re comfortable on your wedding day with the right fabrics. If you’re having a hot summer wedding, make sure you’re not wearing a wool suit with layers. Another tip to keep comfortable is to break in your shoes before the big day. Remember the first day back at school with those new leather shoes? Avoid the blisters and take a tip from us tenured ladies! Break in your shoes for a few hours in a day leading up to the wedding.

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