Top 10 Best Proposals

Men put a lot of planning into their proposals as they want it to be a moment the couple will never forget, some however, put in a lot more planning then others. Here are some of the most elaborate and original proposals I could find!

1. Cinema Trailer Proposal

As Ginny sits in the cinema waiting for her film to start a trailer begins opening with the lines “A love story so true it couldn’t have been written..” The opening scene shows two men in discussion, their faces hidden off camera. As she slowly realises she is watching her boyfriend Matt asking her father for her hand in marriage she holds her hands to her face in shock. Matt later arrives at the cinema ring in hand! She says Yes!!

2. Falling from a building..

As Josh stands on a roof top terrace he announces to his girlfriend, Brooke he has an important question! He asks his friend to pass him the ring, he over shoots and falls off the building!! Brooke screams as she runs to the edge to look over only to see Josh on a landing bag with signs saying “Will you Marry Me?!”

3. Will you Marathon?!

One racer during the Boston Marathon stopped mid race as he passed his girlfriend for just enough time to pop the question!

4. Will you marry me? @ 20,000ft!
Nothing gets your heart racing like the moment your about to propose, well, maybe jumping out of a plane? Mateo decided to combine these two experiences as he asked his girlfriend to marry him as he leaped from a plane!

5. A magical proposalOn a surprise trip to Vegas for Valentines day and her birthday, this woman got an extra surprise while at a magic show as her boyfriend appeared on stage with a very special question to ask!

6. Will you Mario me?
This genius left his girlfriend playing through a game of Mario and dropped to one knee once the coins in the sky spelled out “Lisa Will you Marry me?”

7. Will you marry me? – At 0 gravity
Graciela got a great birthday presant of a 0-Gavity flight in a plane, as it climbs and drops between 35,000 – 25,000 ft. As the plane drops, you feel a few minutes of weightlessness. And this is when Graciela’s boyfriend popped the question! He said he was initially worried that the ring would float away but it all worked out! the couple plan to get the 0-gravite feeling once again as they spend their 10 year anniversary in orbit!

8. Police raid Proposal

As the couple Slept they were rudely awoken by the helicopters circling above and armed police men charging in on top of them! After a brief search of the place the found some “Illegal substances” and she was to be arrested, as she turned to be handcuffed, she say her boyfriend on bended knee! She barely managed to say yes!

9. Will you Muppet me?

A very creative idea, I loved it! This guy made puppets of himself and his fiance and recreated moments in their courtship on video before popping the question.

10. Lip Sync Proposal

I’ll let the video do the talking for this one!

[Photo via JakeBrewer]


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