Top 10 Hen Do Rules

Top 10 Hen Party Rules

Top 10 Hen Party Rules

Some rules were made to be broken; others were made for good reason! If you’re after that ultimate hen party in Ireland that’s hassle free, then take a peek at essential hen weekend rules! Girls wanting the ideal night out must abide by these light hearted hen party rules!

Rule No1

No stories and I repeat NO STORIES are to leave the hen weekend destination once you have all returned home. What happens there, stay’s there!

Rule No2

By all means book a hot, sweaty stripper, but not one who takes a liking to the Grandma in the corner and keeps grinding on her Zimmer frame.

Rule No3

No, no and no… Do not host a hen party in the first week of January – think of all the excuses from your friends! “Sorry babes on a detox” “Sorry I am broke!” “I’m hibernating until the sun reappears, I hate being cold” the list goes on…

Rule No4

Lots and lots of hen party games, but absolutely ZERO games that have involvement of ex-boyfriends – in fact no discussions at all about any ex-boyfriends.

Rule No5

Let’s not update our Facebook status or Tweet 24/7.

Rule No6

Crazy plans are not welcomed. “OH! Let’s tie the bride to that lamppost! She’ll think it’s hilarious in the morning!”

Rule No7

Do not try to take advantage of men! “Hey everyone! Let’s go chat up every man we see once our money runs out in the kitty! that way we can get free drink all night!” And no, go home girls

Rule No8

Drunkenly deciding now is the perfect time to tell the bride to be that she is marrying “that ugly loser” – this is a terrible, terrible mistake.

Rule No9

If you find the bride-to-be texting her groom on the hen night, casually ask her to stop. Do not throw her entire handbag including her phone into the bar’s giant fish tank which may seem like an appropriate idea at the time.

Rule No10

You’re not a photographer. Please don’t categorise yourself as the girl that needs to photographically document every little bit of the night for Facebook – including the bride-to-bebe sitting next to the fit guy you’re planning to kidnap later. is Ireland’s largest free party planning website featuring a dedicated luxury collection for classy hens, a hen party store and 100’s of free ideas and tempting hen party offers.  Save money today by visiting

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