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Top 3 Wedding Fragrances For Your Groom

wedding fragrance

When it comes to searching for a groom’s wedding fragrance whether you know exactly what type of fragrance you’re after or you simply abhor his current fragrance and want to introduce something new into your man’s world, there is a scent for him.

We won’t generalise and say that all men have no interest in what they wear to the wedding but if that happens to be the case, here are some scents that will smell amazing on your groom recommended straight from our own WD men!

Jean Paul Gaultier – La Male

A classic fragrance for most men, Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature fragrance that won’t be too overpowering on the day. La Male is strong and fresh yet traditional. A great keep for any man’s collection.

Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

Perfect for the younger groom, 1 Million has a great fruity grapefruit and spicy note mix. This scent is fun but not over powering on the right man.

Calvin Klein – CK One

Cool, clean and refreshing, this is the original ‘shared’ fragrance. CK One is an absolute classic and is a perfect understated scent.

Bonus Round

Apparently the Bond fragrance has received great reviews from the men in the WD office. James Bond 007 has been raved about by GQ also naming it ‘this most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world’…. good enough for us!

What’s your favourite men’s fragrance?

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