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8 Fabulous Ways To Trash Your Dress

Posing on your wedding day can be pretty exhausting. Not only will your cheeks hurt from grinning like a maniac, but you will have worried about staying flawless and keeping your gown in pristine condition all day long. Last week we brought you five ways to recycle your wedding dress and it got us thinking. As your gorgeous number has had its five minutes of fame, these fabulous ways to trash your dress will be a super fun activity to organise after all the festivities have died down. Just don’t forget to have a photographer on hand to capture these spectacular moments!

Praise Weddings

Play With Powder & Paint

Be inspired by these spectacular images. There’s something very free-spirited about and artsy about capturing a kaleidoscope of colours splashing on to the crisp whiteness of a wedding dress. Match your chosen paint to your wedding palette and send to your family and friends with thank you notes after your celebrations.

Trash Your Dress - Nadine Studio

Nadine Studio

Wedding Chicks

Take The Plunge

Throw caution to the wind by opting for a water-based trash the dress. If you don’t have the luxury of taking the plunge abroad, use your imagination when it comes to choosing a location for your photo shoot at home. Even if you get lumbered with the local lake, make it your own. Floating in serene waters with scatterings of petals and foliage around you will look just as romantic plus it will add essence of old world appeal. If luck is on your side, a foggy morning will make your photographs oh so enchanting and mystical.

Del Sol Photography

Jasmine Lee Photography

Get Down ‘n’ Dirty

If you’re a farm girl at heart, it’s the perfect excuse to just let loose and roll around in the mud. Blow off some steam by hopping on a quad with your other half and splashing through the dirt or for an au natural photo shoot, a field full of hay bales will make a very organic and pure backdrop against a stunning autumn sunset. If you’re feeling really motivated why not sign up for a runamuck challenge? This way you can have some fun with your pals and raise cash for charity. Winning.

Andy Gaines

The Sentinel

Cake Smashing

Because obviously we love cake.

 Isle Of Wight Wedding Photographer

Get That Adrenaline Pumping

If you are a total adrenaline junkie and love nothing better than to get the blood pumping with an extreme sport, it makes perfect sense to pay homage to your hobbies. Snowboarding, surfing, a skydive. This one sure ain’t for the fainthearted.

Whistler Wedding Photography

All That Glitters

Every princess bride deserves a little glitter and sparkle in her life. Simples.

Rebekah Hoyt Photography

Dance In The Rain

The weather can be the biggest source of stress in the run-up to your big day. Heck, we even have granny down in the church lighting a few candles for the sun to come out. If your dream of crystal blue skies doesn’t come true, there’s nothing else to do but brush yourself off and dance in the rain. Don’t let anything dampen your happily ever after.


Pop Some Bubbly

Champagne + wedding = one big session. So this trash the dress option seems only fitting.

Zekar Photography

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