Unusual Proposal Ideas

Unusual Proposal Ideas

Unusual Proposal Ideas

If you’re planning your proposal, of course you want your loved one bragging to friends and family about how wonderful and romantic you are! Here are some unusual proposal ideas.

Public marriage Proposals

  • If you love displaying emotions in public and love romantic gestures, the public marriage proposal is perfect for you.
  • Love a little drama? Get in touch with your stage manager to see if they will let you propose after the cast’s curtain call.
  • Flying somewhere anytime soon? Why not propose in the air? The crowd will love it and it will be a great way to kick off your trip together!
  • Why not run an ad in your local newspaper? Remind her that ‘your friend’ is in the paper and tell her to turn to a certain page. She won’t believe her eyes when she sees the ad right in front of her!

Techy Proposals

  • Is your loved one a tech geek? Surprise her with these tips!
  • Podcast proposal! Propose to you girl with a podcast and surprise her by sneaking it into her iPod.
  • Borrow her digital camera and head to her outdoor spot. Bring a friend along and have posters with the words “will you marry me?” and have your photograph you with each poster. Or you could do this with a Vine or Instagram account!
  • Create a web page or WordPress account with your proposal. Send her on the link without saying anything. After this, you can add images of the proposal to share with friends and family.
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