Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Travel Memorable

Honeymoon is the first trip a newly-wed couple takes and hence, it has something special and romantic to it. It is the first mutual thing a couple does when the whole wedding frenzy passes. However, a perfect honeymoon requires careful consideration and prompt planning way ahead to assure that the honeymoon is memorable. Take a look at some of the ways to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Choose and book a destination together

Destination plays a key role in the planning of your holiday. Each couple has different preferences when it comes to the perfect honeymoon destination, the same as couples have preferences when it comes to spring or winter weddings. Some couples prefer Mediterranean countries with impressive ancient history such as Greece, some prefer exotic beach destinations such as Tanzania and Bali while some prefer hot countries such as Australia or on the other hand, colder countries with fairy-tale-like scenery such as Finland or Sweden. The key is in making the decision together. Your honeymoon should be something that you both want. Your value system will dictate whether you’re up for an all-inclusive luxurious destination or for a more remote destination where you have more chance to experience the culture.

Start planning on time

When you started planning your wedding months ago, you probably visited some wedding open evenings to see what’s trending. You should do the same when it comes to planning your honeymoon. The first step is to get familiar with some popular destinations and to find something suitable for you and your partner. The next step is to start planning every detail to avoid unpleasant surprises. You should plan your transfer to the airport, your flight, the transfer from the airport to your hotel, the special services you’d like on your honeymoon, some romantic activities you plan to do and so on.

Prepare ahead

There are also some preparations you need to make before your trip. First, check the forecast and pack appropriate clothes. Add some extra clothing items in case of extreme weather changes. Don’t forget to pack some sexy lingerie – after all, it’s your honeymoon! Also, do all the cosmetic and beauty preparations ahead. That means booking depilation before your honeymoon, dying your hair, doing your nails, among others. Also, decrease your ‘getting-ready time’ by taking care of some things such as your eyebrows before your holiday. You can easily find and book an appointment for the best brows – it will make your life so much easier and leave you more time to enjoy your partner’s company rather than spending time getting ready before heading out of the hotel.

Book a special room

Honeymoon is all about some special, not so ordinary features. Many hotels offer some exclusive items when it comes to honeymooners as this is something that adds to the romance already lingering in the air. A plunge pool, clawfoot bathtub, a Jacuzzi, some rose petals and a bottle of the finest bubbly and the romance is guaranteed! Your honeymoon is something that happens once in your life and you should do everything you can to make it truly special and yours.

Surprise your partner with romantic gestures

Unexpected gifts and romantic gestures are a sure way to sweep your partner off their feet. It is something that shows how much you love the person and appreciate their company. It can be something as simple and yet as effective as a romantic hand-written letter, a photo album showing all your precious memories in chronological order, a love poem or something luxurious such as expensive jewellery, a watch or something alike. If you know your partner well and if you put some thought into the perfect gift or gesture, you are sure to make a perfect choice.

A perfect honeymoon is something you can’t plan in a short time. It usually takes some time, research and negotiation. But when planned well, it’s a period you’ll never want to end!


Maggie Holmes

Guest Blogger

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