Wedding Bouquets by Paper Petals

Plenty of brides are deciding to ditch the traditional fresh flower wedding bouquets for alternatives, one being paper! Yes you heard right, wedding bouquets made from paper. You are probably wondering where this idea came from, as was I. That’s why I got in touch with Siobhan of Paper Petals to find out where the idea for her business venture came from.

 “I came up with the idea of the paper flowers after a bad reaction to pollen at a wedding last year. I started wondering what I would do at my own wedding if I were to get married during the summer, and what other brides do when they have allergies. I loved origami when I was younger, and the paper flowers seemed like the way to go. They are also a great way for me to stay connected with weddings. What I love the most about them is their versatility. You can have your own dates or messages printed on them; you can have them made with your favourite novel or poem; you can have whatever colours you want AND you get to keep them forever. I just love making things. So much so, I have now started doing ribbon flowers as well. They all take a bit of time, but they are worth it in the end.”

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Siobhan did a degree in music, specialising in vocal performance. She then went on to do a masters in IT and accounting. She have been singing at weddings for 7 years, and just loves it. If she could do weddings full time she would, because they are just AMAZING, but unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment. Siobhan is currently working in audit, but keeping up the singing at the weekends.

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