What Your Wedding Flowers Really Mean...

It’s a little known fact that flowers all have their own unique meaning.  

Most people are aware the red rose is a symbol of love and the olive branch acts as a peace offering. The language of flowers dates back to the Victorian era or earlier, and by choosing your wedding blooms carefully, your flowers can have a truly sentimental meaning on the day.

For those nostalgic brides and grooms-to-be, top florist Rebecca Gibson of the fabulous Boutique Blooms shares the meaning behind some of the most popular wedding petals…

Katelyn James

For centuries, flowers have given pleasure to people of all nations. Their beauty has the unique ability to bring instant cheer when someone is down.  It’s not surprising that mankind has attached significant meanings to them – even going as far as to formulate a language all of their own called Floriography. 

The Language Of Flowers

  • DAHLIA – Dignity and elegance. Forever thine.
  • ROSE (dark pink) – Thankfulness.
  • ROSE (peach) – Immortality, modesty.


  • HYDRANGEA – Thank you for understanding.
  • ROSE (white) – Innocence, purity, humility, I am worthy of you, silence.
  • PEONY – Happy marriage, compassion, bashfulness.


  • ORCHID – Love, beauty, refinement, symbol for many children, thoughtfulness.
  • TULIP – Perfect lover, fame.
  • FREESIA – Innocence, trust.


  • ROSE (pale pink) – Grace, joy.
  • BABY’S BREATH – Innocence, pure of heart.

Baby's Breath

To see a full list of the language of flowers, click here. For more information on Boutique Blooms, go to www.boutiqueblooms.ie or email Rebecca at info@boutiqueblooms.ie

Image Credits: 1) Bridesmaid Flowers – via Katelyn James; 2) Dahlia – Harrison Studio via MOD Wedding; 3) Peonies – Angel Smith Photography via Style Me Pretty; 4) Freesia – Katherine Ashdown Weddings via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings; 5) Baby’s Breath – Live View Studios via Bridal Musings.

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