Guest Etiquette: 6 Outfit Laws & Faux Pas To Avoid

People always ask us what is appropriate attire for guests attending a wedding. So here’s our top etiquette laws to abide by…

Never, EVER, Wear White

I don’t care if you’re Queen B herself. It’s a cardinal rule. Never, ever, wear white to a wedding.

Just in case you thought she would be too busy enjoying her big day – the bride will notice. And, she’d be forgiven for having a silent strop.

So, it’s a big NO to going all white on the day as a wedding guest. Frocks with white plus one or more colors or patterns are permitted.

Respect The Dress Code

You’ve budgeted for the gift, accommodation on the wedding night and your outfit. Sure himself will be grand, doesn’t he have that suit in the wardrobe that still fits.


There it is in ink. The invitation has arrived and it’s black tie only.

I know, it’s a total nuisance and can add unexpected costs to your budget. But, it’s what the happy couple wants and you’ll need to respect their dress code.

It’s Okay To Wear Pants

Whoever said you had to wear a dress to a wedding is just plain silly. Hello!? We’re in the #GirlBoss era, thank you very much!

It’s totally okay to slay in a daring jumpsuit or coordinating blazer and shorts combo. You’d be surprised how a pair of killer heels and some sparkling accessories will complete your outfit. Plus you’ll be super comfortable all day. Winning.

Cover-Up Honey

I know, I sound like a standard Irish mammy, but there’s always one serial offender when it comes to skimpy clothing.

Hooker heels, a teeny tiny skirt and bandeau belly top isn’t quite what this occasion calls for. True story – I’ve seen it at a wedding before and it was a big mistake! The guest spent the evening adjusting the length of her skirt and soon covered up with her date’s suit jacket.

I’m not suggesting you should wear a moo moo. But, necklines, skirt length and visible pantie lines are all areas that should be taken into consideration.

Plan Your Outfit Around The Venue Or Theme

If you’re heading to a destination wedding this summer, then lucky you!

Think carefully before purchasing your attire. Is it a beach ceremony? You’ll need flats. Will the temperature be extreme? Light, flowing fabrics such as chiffon will be a god-send in the heat. Will the theme be more casual due to the location? Maxi dresses all the way!

Avoid The Same Colour As The Bridal Party

This only applies if you are close to the couple. Chances are you have been told the bridal party colours during chit chat in the run-up to the big day.

It’s not a major faux pas, but of course you will be conscious of this palette when shopping for your perfect dress.

Ciara Moore

Ciara Moore is the Blog Editor & Social Media Manager at WeddingDates HQ. Anything you want to know about weddings and what is on trend - she's your woman!

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