Will your dress stand the test of time?

Wedding Dresses cost big bucks these days and along with the band and the photographer are probably the most expensive thing that you will spend your money on apart from the venue.  After all, you want to look FABULOUS on your big day!  But, what happens after that?!  What to do with the dress that you will probably only wear once in your lifetime?

Impress Wedding Dress Solutions offer a Nationwide Service where they dry clean and preserve your wedding gown so it will stand the test of time.  And all at the minimum of effort to you!  They will collect your dress anywhere in the country, bring it to their depot in Cork where they professionally clean the dress and then preserve it in specially designed museum boxes which protect the dress from sunlight and dust.  They then deliver it back to your door for you so you can keep it for years to come.

The cost is €115.00 to have the dress cleaned and an additional €95.00 for the preservation.  Sounds pricey, but if you have spent thousands on buying the dress in the first place, you may want to spend the money to keep it in mint condition.

How about you guys?  Any brides out there have suggestions on storing the dress afterwards or what happened your dress after your big day?!

Ciara Crossan

Ciara is the Founder and CEO of WeddingDates and has a particular love for quirky & unusual weddings! Considered a wedding venue expert, lucky for her she has visited hundreds of stunning wedding venues all over Ireland and the UK.

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