Working towards a Goal

I previously wrote a post about Gillian O’Sullivan Personal Trainer based in Cork who does one-on-one sessions with grooms and brides-to-be in preparation for the big wedding (and honeymoon!).  In the run up to my own cousins wedding, where I was a bridesmaid, I had to call in Gillian to help me get in shape to fit into the bridesmaids dress!!

My cousing bought the dresses off the rack in Coast and as she lives in Dublin and I live in Cork, we didn’t get to go shopping together.  “Just get me a size 10″ I said without hesitation.  Little did I realise, after the long winter, when I met her to collect the dress – it didn’t zip up on me!!!  She was a little worried (naturally) but I reassured her that the wedding was months away and I’d be grand.

Months passed and I put the dress and thoughts of the wedding  out of my mind.  Then, with only 6 weeks to go I tried on the dress again – only to find the zip STILL would not go up!!  Panic stations.  So, I called Gillian and told her my predicament.  6 weeks to fit into a dress.  There was no alternative, it was either that or be sacked as bridesmaid!

Gillian was brilliant for me, and I think it really shows that if you have a specific goal you can really work towards achieving it.  I am guilty of always saying, ” I want to loose a bit of weight, or shape up” but nothing has ever really spurred me into doing anything serious about it.  Well, I’m happy to say after 6 weeks with Gillian I was able to fit into the dress and looked fabulous on the day!  She has a really great approach, she’s not scary but at the same time you wouldn’t want to let her down.  I ate more sensibly and trained during the week too, running and weights at home.  I was out and about, getting fit and healthy and Gillian really gave me the motivation to do it.

Walking up the Aisle

Walking up the Aisle

I couldn’t recommend personal training highly enough to any bride (or indeed bridesmaid!) out there that wants to trim up before the wedding.  Having a goal, and an end in sight is a real motivator – and it’ll be all worth it for the bikini bod when you hit the honeymoon!  If you are based in Cork, why not call Gillian to get started!

Ciara Crossan

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