Wow Your Lady With This Christmas Proposal

Wow Your Lady With This Christmas Proposal

Wow Your Lady With This Christmas Proposal

Ah Christmas… For the youngsters it’s all about Santa and getting presents. But when we get to a certain age, we have a little less to be excited when winter time comes… except for the odd Christmas proposal! Wow your lady this year with these festive Christmas proposal ideas…

The Christmas Caroler

How fun would it be to answer the door to your friends and family singing your favourite Christmas carol? To top it all off, you or your best friend hands your lady a little treat at the end. Imagine her total surprise when she opens her gift to find a sparkler staring back at her! The best thing about this is if she loves having family get togethers, you can continue the fun inside with an engagement party celebration.

The Christmas Decorator

This is lovely, if you want it to be just the two of you. Plan a quiet evening for just the two of you to decorate the tree together. Enjoy some dinner and maybe wine to relax as you decorate (extra points for a winter playlist in the background). While you’re enjoying the atmosphere and decorating the tree, ask her to hand you a bauble. As you explain how each ornament means something to you, kneel down to put the ornament at the bottom of the tree. When she turns around she’ll be delighted to find the bauble has a lovely little surprise in it!

The Winter Wonderland

Find out with your local authorities and park officials what you can pre-arrange with them. Let them know the times you will be there at and what you plan to do. Choose your favorite spot to hang out in or a spot easy to decorate. Remember to pack warm blankets, umbrellas, willies, torches and some champagne to celebrate!

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