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--30 Days30 Days from Signing Date
Qty.IDDescriptionUnit PriceDiscountLine Total
1IESTDIE Standard 850.00 850.00
- Up to 80 enquiries
- Interactive Calendar License & Installation
- Facebook App Licence & Installation
- Full Page Listing on
- Enquiry manager: Premium Account Access
- Premium Feature: Wedding Enquiry CRM
- Premium Feature: 24/7 Stats & Reports
- Premium Feature: Competitive Benchmarking
- Premium Feature: Wedding Review Management
- Premium Feature: Entry to Wedding Awards
- Premium Feature: Promotion of Events
- Service & Support with Quarterly Performance Consultation
Package Discount -
Subtotal 850.00
VAT @ 23% 195.50
Notes: Money Back Guarantee - if you don't book 1 wedding via the complete WeddingDates Platform, you get a full refund.Total 1045.50

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