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Hana Laurie Alternative Wedding Photographer Map Pin8 Nursery Road
I'm a relaxed and moderately sarcastic wedding photographer based in the South. I'm tireless when it comes to photographing weddings, and find beauty and excitement in the individual.


I photograph and deliver exactly what you give me - I'll document your wedding in an honest and charming way. I get involved, stir up your stag/hen do mates and get those belly laughs and awkward faces. I'll josh about with your parents and even your grandparents if they're up for it. I'm not a wallflower, but I will be a guest with two wicked cameras and a boat load of skill for photographing weddings. 

I absolutely love what I do, and as I do it full-time I've got space and time to practise, learn my craft and live and breathe wedding photography.

My packages are pretty simple as they're all eventually completely personal to you and your requirements;

The Whole Shooting Match – £1250
1 Photographer from the preparations to the ACTUAL WEDDING and through to the dance floor and bar action...

The 3/4 Shooting Match – £1050
All o’ that above, but I’ll be rocking up before the ceremony and not coming to see you in your dressing gown.

New for 2019 - With Knobs On 
- £1900 (full price separately £2050)

All day photography
A bloody awesome second shooter
Prints Charming Photobooth with Guestbook

For £200 of your hard earned stirling I'll stay until the bitter end of your wedding and capture the shots, the beer pong and the mad shapes. I also have a fully kitted out all-bells-and-whistles photobooth (www.printscharmingphotobooth.co.uk - great name, right??) which I can bring along to the party. Prices when booking me as a photographer are £50 off and start at £350 for 3 hours of unlimited photoboothin'.

So there we are, if you want a friend and a guest rather than a photographer who is going to feel like you employed them... get in touch :) I'm dying to hear what you've got planned :)

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