Michelle Doyle Goldsmith

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One of a kind unique handmade Jewellery designed specifically for you


Michelle trained at the Craft Council of Ireland in County Kilkenny, studying Jewellery design and goldsmithing skills.  

Since her training and student days in Kilkenny she has acquired flawless technique by working with two master goldsmiths in Ireland, Martin Doyle in Wexford town who is widely known for his craftmanship and attention to detail within the industry and also Rudolf Heltzel a German expert in the business who now plys his trade from Kilkenny City. Michelle took invaluable experience from these leading experts and developed her skills in the craft to an extremely high level. 

Michelle designs and hand makes a piece of jewellery to whatever the customer wants so it is truly one of a kind for that person.

She work's from a small humble workshop in Co. Wexford, Ireland. If what your looking for is something unique and different or if you have your own ideas in your head and want to see it brought to life then that's exactly what she will do for you where ever you might be.

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