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Irish & Destination Wedding Photographer


Congratulations on your engagement! You are entering the most exiting time of wedding planing! I promise it will be full of fun and surprises!

Thank you for considering me to be a part of this magical journey. I would be delighted to document your big day in a very natural manner, without making it a huge photo shoot. 

I believe every couple has their own unique story to tell and I feel super exited to be involved. There's no sorry too long, no place too far! I will make sure that you feel super relaxed in front of the camera and enjoying every single minute of your day.

I love to keep things simple and capture the day as it unfolds, without forcing anything. My main goal is to show the way it felt.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking my profile, please visit White Cat Studio's website to see more of my photography. 

Lets work together to make this day the best day of your lives! Looking forward to it, Egle.

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