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Garryvoe Hotel is the best wedding hotel in Ireland. When we were searching for our venue we walked into the ...

Garryvoe Hotel is the best wedding hotel in Ireland.

When we were searching for our venue we walked into the reception area off the bar at Garryvoe and I instantly knew this would be our venue.

All of the processes of having our wedding at Garryvoe was made so simple by them. We live in England so it was quite difficult to plan a wedding being in another country but Garryvoe made it so easy. From emailing us different table plan settings to re-booking our menu tasting to moving the tables in the function room 3 times for me.

The day before the wedding they so generously let me put all of our stuff into the Bridal Suite so I didn't have to walk around the hotel trying to move my items from 1 room to another. Then on the day we had a couple of people who were unable to eat the food we had chosen and they were more than happy to find an alternative for them without any fuss.

The food is out of this world. I've never been to a wedding and walked away feeling so full and enjoying every mouthful. We had a lot of guests who were confused when the staff went around offering seconds but didn't turn them down because of how great the food tasted.

Our bestman had a video to go along with his speech and the team were great at setting up the projector without any disruption to the other speeches.

The whole time we were at Garryvoe we were so looked after and so relaxed which is so important on your wedding day! I wished it never ended!

The bridal suite. WOW! You have so much space to get ready and not be on top of each other. Then you have the massive bed which is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, I'm trying to find one just like that for home because I had such a great nights sleep in it. Then you have the steam room and bathtub with the jets! When we were telling our friends about the room they wouldn't believe us! I just want to live in the bridal suite.

You will not be disappointed having your wedding at Garryvoe they are amazing. Thank you for everything!

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