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HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart5.0 by Michelle & Oliver Keith on

Of course it is so hard to know where to choose for your wedding reception but as soon as we ...

Of course it is so hard to know where to choose for your wedding reception but as soon as we saw Garryvoe Hotel we were immediately intrigued. The staff there were so friendly from our very first interaction with them, then so helpful and professional as we outlined our plans, confidently assuring us that what we wanted was perfectly achievable. We genuinely wondered if we really could be as lucky as we felt when we went ahead and booked the hotel. When we got back in touch with the team at the hotel as it got closer to our wedding day we were met with confidence so self-assured it could even have been mistaken for complacency, but this confidence turned out to be impeccably well founded. The level of professionalism shown by every last member of the team was remarkable and their ability to demonstrate a wealth of experience and an unmistakable passion for their craft meant that our wedding reception was filled with moments that we will treasure forever. To simply say that the team in Garryvoe know what they are doing would be a profound understatement. The sometimes subtle, personal yet always elegant touch given to every last aspect of their involvement would be difficult to accurately describe without spoiling some of what they have in their considerable box of tricks. Seemingly little things and unexpected touches really do make such a difference, even when the “big things” are positively knocked out of the park and that’s absolutely what they did. The fabulous food, enchanting surroundings and a spectacular location had our guests marveling to us at what a stunning choice we made for our wedding reception. We were reminded of how lucky we felt when we found ourselves there in the beginning, except that what the team delivered truly exceeded all of our expectations. Words can’t describe what it means to us to have had such capable allies there for us on such an important day. Thank you all so much for your part in the best day of our lives. ‘Till we meet again!

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