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Olivia & Team We cannot express how thankful we are to each and everyone of you down in Inchydoney for ...

Olivia & Team

We cannot express how thankful we are to each and everyone of you down in Inchydoney for helping make our wedding day on the 5th of May one of the best days of our lives.

Inchydoney holds a lot of special memories for my husband and I, we have had many day trips to your beautiful establishment, celebrated New Years Eve, Anniversaries, got engaged down there and then finally married and I still cant get enough of the place.

When we got engaged we will admit we looked around a few venues but we kept being drawn back to Inchydoney, we knew that we would not have to worry about the service and quality we would receive and that all our guests would be looked after and boy were we right.

When you round that corner and get that panoramic view of the Ocean it takes your breath away, it sets the tone. The hotel is out of this world, the decor is fantastic and the staff are the best, the food is delicious and the spa is outstanding!

Olivia, you were an absolute pleasure to deal with as was Catriona (apologies if I leave anyone out) you explained everything to us in great detail, you were willing to negotiate, any request we had made was not a problem to you and you had patience of a saint! You made us feel so welcome each time we came down to visit, even when I came down with friends or family to stay in the lead up to the wedding the whole team made us feel so welcome, from management to reception to the waiting staff to the cleaners, everyone had a smile on their face for us, greeted us warmly and were willing to help with any request or question we had, simply outstanding.

I know many members of my family and friends had not been to Inchydoney before and following on from our wedding they cannot wait to return, it truly is a little oasis.

We honestly cannot thank you all enough for what truly was a spectacular experience.

Best Wishes

Kate and Barrie Hogan X

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