Colour Palette – Glamping

Colour Palette – Glamping

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of glamping. For those of you who might not have come across the term before, glamping is basically camping with a bit of glam.

The craze began a few years ago and with the rise of rustic chic and Pinterest, glamping has become a super fun hen party activity. The best thing about this craze is, for the foreseeable future of the summer, the idea of glamping is possible and could be even fun in Ireland. Yippee!

Just think now…. a cute tent or camper van, some twinkly lights, some nice music around a fire… doesn’t that sound fun? It kind of reminds me of the days of camping out in our back garden when we were kids.

So, what exactly can you do on a glamping night do you ask? Well, anything you like really! The whole idea of glamping is that it’s a fun adventure, with cute décor! Think ‘Into The Wild’ or ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ for adventure seeking inspiration… both great movies to check out as well by the way! Here are some more fun ideas to get you into that glamping mood:

  • A movie night! All you need is a laptop, movie projector, speakers and a white sheet.
  • The classic toasting of marshmallows by a campfire with a scary story. Reminds us of those ‘Are You Afraid of Dark?’ days!
  • Swimming in a pool… yes you read that right! Killarney Glamping actually offer leisure club facilities as part of their package.
  • Yoga. What a better time to relax than under a beautiful sunset? Sounds wonderful!
  • Fishing on a lake. How lovely and relaxing!

Personally, I am itching to try out glamping while the weather is as beautiful as this! Has anyone else tried it already?

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