Fitness Tips You Can Do At Your Desk

Fitness Tips You Can Do At Your Desk

When it comes to fitness and fitting into that perfect dress, any bride can feel the pressure to look their best. As well as this, the planning, lead up and even day of the wedding can be like a marathon for any couple. No matter you’re level of fitness, most brides will have an interest in getting in shape for the day. That’s why we’ve asked the team at Glenroyal Hotel and Leisure Club to give us some fitness tips you can do at your desk…

We all know that exercise is essential to living a long and healthy life. After all, if you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?! With obesity and related illnesses on the rise and with more and more people spending 8+ hours a day at their desks, now is the time to desk-ercise. While these desk- exercises won’t have you running a marathon in 4 hours, they will help to tone your arms, legs and bum and strengthen your core.

The Chair Squat

Push your chair back so that it is stabilised against the wall and stand a couple of inches in front of it with your back facing the chair. Hold your arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Slowly bend your knees and move down as if you are about to sit in the chair. Keep your weight on your heels and as you feel the chair graze your bum, slowly stand back up. Repeat 3 times every time you return to your desk. Nobody need ever know you are toning your legs and bum.

The Desk Push Up

Stand up facing your desk making sure that it is stabilised and won’t move. Place your hands on the edge, keeping them shoulder-width apart. Step backwards so that you are about 3 feet away, and slowly, while keeping your back and legs in a straight line, lower yourself down until your chest almost touches the desk and then push yourself back up. Repeat as often as possible to tone your arms and shoulders.

The Water Bottle Curl

A full water bottle can make an excellent substitute for a dumbbell and can be used to tone and strengthen your arms. Sit up straight with your abs pulled in and taking the water bottle in your right hand (palm facing up), curl it up towards your shoulder. Repeat this action 15 times and then change arms.

Attentive Desk Jockey

This move will make you appear very attentive while exercising your whole body. Sit close to the edge of the chair. Press both of your hands down on the table while lifting your legs as high as you can at the same time. This movement engages your core muscles and also helps to tone your arms, legs & thighs.

Calf Raises

This desk-ercise can be carried out while talking on the phone or waiting for a large file to download. Stand up while holding your chair for balance. Place your left foot on the back of your right calf and rise up onto your toes. Hold for 30 seconds. Change legs. Repeat as often as you like for beautifully toned calf muscles.

Quick, simple tips to change your life and your body right now…

  • Park your car in the furthest spot possible from the front door of your workplace. Think of all the extra calories you can burn before you even get in the door.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day to help keep you alert and productive. Use the full bottle to do your water-bottle-curls and do the chair squats when you return from re-filling your bottle.

  • Try replacing your office chair with a stability ball. Staying balanced all day will help strengthen your core.

  • Get up from your desk and walk to talk to your colleagues, rather than emailing them. Your waistline will thank you later.

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When beginning any new fitness regime, consult a doctor or fitness professional before beginning any exercise program.

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