Things Not to Say in a Relationship

Things Not to Say in a Relationship

Things Not to Say in a Relationship

We’re all guilty of it, putting your foot in your mouth and saying exactly the wrong thing. And when it comes to relationships, we’re probably the worst for it! Here are just a few things not to say in a relationship…

Calm Down

These words are fairly unforgivable in any conversation. Guaranteed to have you on the couch for the night, there is never a good enough reason to spout out these words.

You would look so much better if…..

Whether you’re talking about wearing less make-up, a new hairstyle or some fitness tips, this opinion is probably best kept to yourself. And even if your spouse does take it well, chances are, they’ll be secretly crushed.

My ex…

Not a great way to begin a sentence. Your spouse more than likely doesn’t know or want to know about your ex. Ever. In fact, mentioning them as little as possible is definitely a good thing. And NO comparing! Which brings us to…

You’re so like your mom/dad

You can love your parents very much but being told how much you’re like them is not the most comforting thought. The only thing worse is saying how you’re like one of their parents. Creepy.

I don’t care!

Cutting off your spouse with this phrase mid sentence is nearly as bad as “calm down”. It implies that their opinions and thoughts mean nothing to you and are wasting your time. Ouch.

You wouldn’t get it

Shrugging someone off and implying they don’t have the intellectual or emotional capacity to understand your situation…. Nice one! Even if it’s as light-hearted as your new football team in Fifa (and even if they “don’t care”) explaining that you don’t want to bother explaining isn’t just mean, it’s bad manners!

Are you guilty of a few of these (we know we are!)? Fess up and tell us which ones!

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