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Welcome to another post about iconic brides, where we look at iconic brides of the past and present! As part of this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a look at one of the most iconic brides of all time, Grace Kelly.

Although this was a dress for a wedding in 1956, it is one that has been used as reference for many other royal ceremonies, mostly famously Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  It has also been often referred to as one of the most elegant and best remembered wedding dresses of all time.

Perhaps it’s the American fairytale element to Grace Kelly’s life that alludes to the iconography of this dress and gives it regal elegance. The dress itself was an ivory, high-necked, long sleeved gown with a fitted bodice attached over two petticoats and a bell skirt made with silk taffeta, tulle and lace. The dress was designed by Helen Rose, a costume and clothing designer who had worked with her on several movies including The Swan and like Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding dress, was a gift to her from MGM.

This dress is such a timeless beauty that it is often referenced in reoccurring trends including this year’s New York International Bridal Week where Monique L’huillier showcased her Spring 2014 wedding dress collection. The collection filled with lace and tulle had huge callbacks to both Kelly’s and Taylor’s famous gowns.

Tightly fit waistlines and sleeves emphasizing the smallest parts of a woman’s figure were key trends in L’huillier’s pieces, a common noted staple of a 1950’s gown.

Grace Kelly’s gown will always be noted as a remarkable statement in bridal gowns. If you’re looking for more information on her wedding style, try Grace Kelly Online and the book Grace Kelly: Icon to Style to Royal Bride.

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