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Relaxed and natural wedding photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ www.emotiveweddingphotography.com


I'm James and I am Emotive Wedding Photography.

I have always loved photography. I've been taking photos since I was about thirteen years old when I bought my first film camera; a Canon AE-1. Since then photography has been a love and a passion of mine.

Its always a true honour to document a couples wedding day…I know its a cliché but its so true!

Every wedding is unique and special to each couple and I strive to produce amazing images for my clients. I would call my style of wedding photography as classic contemporary; this means my wedding photography looks relaxed and natural but yet the images should be timeless and never ageing.

I love to document the spontaneous moments, the moments that aren’t planned. In photographic terms this is called ‘reportáge’. Its a French word which means that a story is documented and told through pictures. The story in this case is your wedding; and from the very first photo I take on your wedding to the last I’ll be telling the story of your wedding day.

I work really closely with each wedding couple; we’ll meet up before your big day and discuss the finer details. I’ll have all the potential locations sussed out for the newlywed & bridal party portraiture and we can discuss all the options available to you over a cup of coffee.

So let’s return to the start…what drew me to photography? The answer is simple. It is the fact that I can freeze a fraction of a second in time forever and create an image which is powerful and resonant and which captures a moment full of sentimentality…life is so short and so precious, that’s why I consider it such an honour to be someone’s wedding photographer.

So the next step in your wedding prep journey; click the enquiry link and send me the details of your wedding and lets get planning your wedding photography together!



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