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FINNimaje Wedding Artography Map PinVilanstown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Jason J Finnane of FINNimaje is an Irish born Fashion & Wedding Photographer based in the heart of Ireland. "I am all about art, design, music, books, film, travel, and being a husband & father of 3*** I for sure have learned to appreciate and value all those little moments life shows us if and when we look. I want my clients to remember the experience through the emotions they relive in the moments in time I am lucky to witness and Capture Forever."


Jason Finnane of FINNimaje born & based out of the heart of Ireland, 

his work has appeared in magazines such like Wedding Journal, Social and Personal, Confetti to name few... He is one of the most sought-after wedding photography picture makers & has enjoyed over 16 years in business with many awards. Today he is known for his creative & emotional storytelling wedding books exquisitely designed and styled. Still working hard to be at the top of his profession, his popularity grows every year due to flattering testimonials and his professionalism, good nature and his instinctive eye for capturing moments and unerring ability to take beautiful pictures that speak for themselves.                                                                                                                                         Wedding Journal Magazine

I want my clients to remember the experience through the emotions they relive in the moments in time I am

lucky to witness and Capture Forever.

All of these things are a huge inspiration to find new clues to develop my photography language. My photographic Experience & pathway has grown from fashion & my natural style, by seeking  the simplicity to go straight to the essence, showing the wonderful fragility of the soul, expressed in a Soft and Emotional way. I want to photograph spontaneous and authentic moments by using natural light as the only instrument to create timeless images. I want our pictures to have that sense of mystery driven by a feeling. Storytelling is the most important part of giving structure and tone to the photograph as well as how the images are artistically captured.

I want our stories to be cinematic and focus on your feelings.


These elements help to create, in addition to memory, a coherent world. I love telling every detail of a story, for me it is simple things to give true value and it was just love for simple things that lead us to a more humane and poetic photography. Whether it’s a wedding, an elopement, a commitment, I will document our time together, trying to create a pleasant and Unforgettable experience for you, like spending time with your friends. I believe in the beauty of everyday life. That ordinary may be extraordinary, that small moments are the most important. I want simple things and big feelings and share extraordinary experience with you. Your photos should not be forced.

They should be natural and emotional, a direct reflection of your story and Relationship.

My clients are important to me and I put my soul in telling their stories. I try to make the relationship with them become a collaboration, and to be able to establish a friendly relationship, sharing emotions, smiles and unique and Memorable moments that create a bond that we will always remember forever. Trust is a big part of our connection as I will get to see so much of your special day...tears, laughter, a look, a smile, the first kiss as Husband & Wife, I love when even just for one day I become a friend or family member to be right there to capture every moment & sometimes when needed to be floating in the background. 

   Love what I do, there is nothing more satisfying than the tears/joy a picture brings to someone who genuinely love what we have made together. without the wonderful people I work with, my pictures are empty. I am a people watcher & always have been.. It’s an Honor for me to be allowed photograph one of the most special days of their lives and when I process what we have captured together by complimenting the image with a touch of art, it becomes more than a photograph, it becomes a timeless piece, a moment captured Forever

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Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 - based on 2 reviews

Wedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full Heart
by on Fri, 15th March, 2019

From the moment we met Jason we knew he was the photographer for us, everything from his Photo style, Album choices, editing and personality was exactly what we wanted. Jason understood what we did and didn’t want on the day, he also had some ideas that I wasn’t 100% sure of but I am delighted we went for them. On ... Read More

Wedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full HeartWedding Review Full Heart
by on Tue, 12th March, 2019

When choosing a wedding photographer to capture your special moments, you look for someone that is friendly, professional, skilled and for us creative and current. Finnimaje exceeded our expectations. Organizing a wedding can be stressful and more so if you are organizing it from another country! We had a destination wedding and one thing we never had to worry about ... Read More