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If you are here, it means that you are planning one of the most important days in your life. And now it is time to choose your photographer.

My name is Peter and I am a wedding photographer.

As a young boy I always dreamed to be able to stop the time. Since the camera appeared in my life, my dream came true. As a photographer I am, “the lord and master of time.” It’s amazing what possibilities gives me photography. Like a wizard I can freeze time during the most exceptional moments of your life, catch the fleeting moments and keep them forever, so you can relive them every day and share them with your loved ones.

In life it’s so important to do what you love, what gives you joy, energy and inspiration, so it’s important to find your vocation in life. A man who loves what he does and does it with passion, always achieves the best results.

In my life this passion came in 2004, when I bought my first camera. At first it was just a hobby, however, soon after photography absorbed me totally and I knew it will never disappear from my life. It’s amazing to see the joy on customers’ faces when they receive their pictures. It gives me inspiration to work and drives me to improve my professional skills. I seek more knowledge and experience to be able to catch your fleeting moments even better.


I am a member of some of the world's best photography associations, WPJA - Wedding Photojurnalist Association and AG|WPJA - Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojurnalist Association.


I live in Kilkenny, however I will go everywhere, where I am invited to.:) I will take photos of your wedding in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Donegal, Belfast, Kildare, Port Laoise. The distance is not an issue for me.

My goals:

My goal is to provide you with creative documentary wedding photography and with most friendly, professional and easy going service you can imagine. 
I personally do not think that the photographer should be bossy or act like a star on the day of your wedding. I think that the best photographer is the one who stays on the side, fully focused, capturing all these priceless fleeting moments in a very discrete manner, who is really listening to you.
I do not need to drag you anywhere for 2 hours to take some good pictures. It is indeed possible to take lots of great shots in 15-20 minutes. I am sure you realise that the time flies on the day and I understand that you wish to spend it with your family and friends rather then posing for pictures.
The best way to get a better idea on my workflow, attitude, etc. before meeting me in person is to go through my testimonials. You will easily notice if I'm the right photographer for you.
In addition - yes I do take family portraits and group pictures on the day too, unless you don't want me to do it :)

And what after the wedding day?
Your wedding pictures do not have to be taken only on the wedding day. What about flying on a session to Paris, London, Venice... after the wedding? Can you imagine your friends' faces when they watch your wedding pictures taken under the Eiffle Tower?

Remember, you are planning the most important day in your life. Make sure that the choice of wedding photographer is not random. 

I will not write here about my pictures, I let them defend themselves. I am sure you will judge them for yourself.

Please visit my Galleries. You will get to know me a little bit better there. Moreover, you are more than welcome to go to my Blog and Facebook Page where you can always find my recent pictures and interesting news. Please Like it to stay posted.

See you soon!!:)

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