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Fleeting Moments Photography Map Pin72 The Fairways, Kilkenny City
We are two wedding photographers who have combined their personal and professional lives with their love for photography. For more than eight years, we have been capturing fleeting moments in Klikenny, Cork and Dublin, fulfilling the dreams of the just married with exceptional wedding photos. One point of view is not enough. Magic is in the air when two points of view merge into one. It was this kind of fleeting moment that began the story of your fulfilled love. What would you say about repeating this scenario on the most beautiful day of your life? Two wedding photographers combine two points of view into one amazing story, capturing things forever that one person might miss in an atmospheric scene.


We are a married couple of wedding photographers, inspired by fulfilled love. Each new wedding gives us a sense of happiness because we know that we will soon capture the most important moments of the Bride and Groom’s new life.

When I began working with Peter, I discovered that wedding photography can be a pure passion. Each combination of two points of view uniquely combines what is most important in wedding photography – emotions and magic

After 8 years of work, I was certain that I knew almost everything about wedding photography. But when I started working with my wife 3 years ago, I re-discovered my profession and found that two wedding photographers can capture fleeting moments even more beautifully.

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