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Ian Cronin Photographer Map PinIcphotostudio, The Reeks, Gateway, Killarney, Kerry


Ian established icphotostudio in May 2004, and has fast become one the most sought after photographers in Ireland. In October 2012 Ian celebrated covering his 500th wedding by inviting 50 of his brides to once again dawn their wedding dresses and fun and frolics was had by all with a mystery tour of Killarney town. Ian has won many awards in all areas of photography but his passion is wedding photography. "I love the buzz of a wedding, its so special to be involved in so many emotional & moving occasions week in week out. I feel very honoured when a couple invite me to capture something so special"

Asked have you a particular style? 

"I don't put myself under any particular headings, I capture the day as I see it unfold. It is very important to get involved to participate in the day, to have a laugh , to direct when needed and most of all to enjoy! If a couple and their family have not felt completely at ease with me and have not left with a smile then I haven't done my job"

Ian Cronin 

Head of Photography 


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