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Ken Byrne Photography Map PinMoate, Westmeath


At Ken Byrne Photography we believe in not just catching moments or taking snaps of your wedding day, We create. We still believe in love and romance and as such we create jaw dropping, dramatic images that reflect true imotion and tell "your story" of "your" day. 

This is what sets us apart from the rest. A picture can speak a thousand words, But you have to know what your doing in order for that picture to speak the words you want to hear. 

You dont want nice pictures.. You want wow pictures! 

So there's only one thing left to do, Check out our website, you can find the link below.

Look at the blog to see true emotion from couples and the laughs we have with everyone we work with, No point being serious, Serious bores most people!  

If you like what you see and think we have what your looking for, Give us a call 0851083227 or contact us through the enquiry form.  Lets get together to view sample albums in their real skin ;)


Talk soon,

Ken & Áine


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